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The company was founded in 2002, is located in Xiushan Lishui, Zhejiang Province, China's first ecological big city, the national ecological demonstration zone, Lishui city is the first to enter the science and Technology Park incubator of science and technology innovative enterprises. Approved by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of agriculture, Lishui city has become the only fixed-point production of biological pesticide production enterprises, is the Southwest's first development of botanical pesticide production enterprises.
The company set of scientific research, production, development, sales and service in one, with "green environmental protection, product positioning economic effect", based in Lishui's mountainous area advantage, to extract raw materials from the rich forest resources, focus on the development of botanical biological pesticide
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Song Zhanqian accepted the company's hiring, agree with and support the establishment of "Lishui Green Valley Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. academician expert workstation", in the use of high technology pine waste prevention and control technology, green areas of the implementation of comprehensive cooperation and fruit trees, forest, garden, tea and other plant diseases and insect pests.
Dr. Qiu Dewen of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the first plant immune stimulation of protein, was awarded "the United States Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Cup" title, chaired the National 863 project, relevant to biological technology company in the company set up in Lishui City, the development of plant immune stimulation of protein functional fertilizer.
Company spirit: a high sense of responsibility and the sense of mission, for human health, ecological safety, actively developing green low carbon environmental biological pesticide and biomass energy (solvent), in order to control fruit, forest pests as own duty, provides edible nuisanceless, safe, green, organic fruits and vegetables for the purpose for the members of the public, the maintenance of ecological safety, reduce the pollution of the human living environment, maintain the sustainable development of human society for the purpose of service.
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